the Farmer's Table

We are from Iowa and so is our food.


This has been a long time coming. After working in restaurants, homes, and with catering companies in Portland, Oregon, Chef Chris Grebner has brought his love for food, local goods & services, and community back to his native state of Iowa.

When Chris & his wife, DeeAnn, moved back to Iowa City, they visited with the farms in the surrounding area. From farm to farm, many of them mentioned the same idea of wanting to know the people who buy their products. This is what spurred the idea for the Farmer's Table.


With the help of friends, Chris & DeeAnn were able to put together the first meal with great success. The idea finally took off by word of mouth followed with coverage from local magazines and papers. Now as we move into our 3rd year our vision stays the same: bringing farmers and consumers together to share a meal prepared with care and conscience.

How It Works

After a host is found, Chris looks for farmers in the area surrounding each host. As product is found and purchased, those farmers are then invited to join us at the dinner. The menus are prix fixe, ranging from four to seven courses. As each course comes out we introduce the farmers who's product is featured on those plates. This gives them the opportunity to talk about who they are, what they do, and whatever else might be on their mind.

We now know that guests of our dinners are customers of farmers they met around our meals. This is why we do what we do.